Kalashree Foundation workshops actualize our founder’s dream to musically educate the world. Workshops provide world-class musical training in a warm, friendly environment at the local level. The workshop is a place for in-depth, rigorous musical training. Workshops augment any previous learning gained from online classes.

Our programs educate individual students and local communities on multiple levels:

  • We organize workshops and lecture demonstrations by renowned artists and musicologists.
  • We experiment and collaborate with western musicians to share our music with the world and bring communities together.
  • Organic networking through events and workshops expands the reach of classical Hindustani music into the greater community.

Benefits of Music Workshops

Rigorous musical training enables today’s student to become the adept musician or music connoisseur of the future. Students immerse in an intense atmosphere of musical discipline. Workshops also encourage collaboration and networking within communities.

Regular workshops transfer priceless ancient musical knowledge to the next generation:

  • Workshops follow traditional Indian methods of teaching and learning.
  • Workshops build the foundation for other Kalashree programs and events.
  • Workshops encourage positive, healthy social relationships.

Maintaining Regular Kalashree Workshops

Kalashree workshops encourage participants to actively cultivate a deep understanding of Hindustani music. Learning is active, and this improves retention. Friends, family and supporters of a participant will often show up later for the student’s recitals, concerts and performances like the annual Guru Poornima. This process builds communities.

This process is iterative, which requires long periods of time. Maintaining a regular workshop schedule in the face of ever-changing challenges is difficult. This is why we must ask our supporters to help in any way you can. The continuity of our programming is only possible because of community members, participants and supporters like you.

Warm thanks to everyone contributing to our operational survival:

  • Charitable donations: Please donate if you can; donations are tax-deductible.

Event volunteers: Please contact to sign up.