Student Renditions

The Kalashree Foundation champions and promotes the aspirations of dedicated student musicians. We nurture their talent and provide a variety of performance opportunities. This builds their personal confidence and develops their musical competence. Please take a moment to listen to past performances of these incredibly talented young artists.

Artistic Development

Performances are community events that are known to heighten musical skills. This atmosphere generates positive memories for the artists, family and community members. Student musicians need opportunities to perform in a supportive environment to grow into their full potential. Each rendition is essential for the musical erudition of the artist.

Audiences are engaged members of the family and the greater community who witness this musical transformation take place over time. These events bring people together in a positive atmosphere. Community events like these are beneficial to the wider society as well as the individual musician. Documentation of these performances often becomes a priceless treasure for parents.

Musical maturity requires investments of resources and time. Student renditions give each young musician an opportunity to refine their skills and improve on previous performances. Every performance represents an important milestone in the students’ developmental learning curve. This process gradually opens doors to opportunities later in life. Example include future applications to higher education, music festivals and concerts venues.

Launching Young Artists’ Careers

Young musicians face many obstacles to launching a successful musical career. Student renditions are effective at showcasing their talent and exposing new audiences to this music. This process also keeps our rich Hindustani classical music tradition alive; it is embodied in the next generation of artists.

The Kalashree Foundation understands how to reduce the barriers to entering this field. Most importantly, it gives students who are considering a professional musical career with a real sense of what it takes to prepare for the concert stage. Our musical training programs are progressive, and we nurture young musicians’ talents every step of the way. The student renditions serve as an early launch for the young artist’s career.

Community support is always encouraged. Contact us to learn how you can become a part of our musical community, or make a donation here.