Guru Poornima

Kalashree Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, founded on Vidushi Kala Ramnath’s vision to make musical education accessible to anyone in the world; this dream remains a guiding force. We educate local community members as listeners while offering world-class musical education to individual students. Local events like Guru Poornima are central to realizing Kalashree’s organizational mission.

The Guru Poornima event is an annual concert. It promotes aspiring young musicians while raising community awareness of Indian music. Before performing, young artists spend a year or more practicing music arduously and with great devotion. See Gallery Page for photographs of all previous events.

Kalashree Foundation provides a platform for aspiring musicians to experience a real concert environment in front of a packed audience on an auspicious day. This public concert is also form of homage to the traditional guru, who imparts musical knowledge from an ancient oral tradition to the next generation.

Challenges of Producing Events, Guru Poornima

Community outreach programs like Guru Poornima nurture positive social relationships. Musical education creates ripple effects for decades, even generations. Music connoisseurs of the future often start as bright, curious student musicians. Hindustani music cultivates a deep commitment over a lifetime; it instills in young minds through programs like Guru Poornima.

The public performance is a central component of passing on Indian traditional musical knowledge. For generations, Indian musicians made presentations in public concert venues. The core challenges remain the same: Logistics, booking venues, securing resources and setting up A/V equipment even when short-staffed.

Community Support for Kalashree Foundation

Community support may ensure our survival as an organization. New difficulties now confront everyone in the traditional music field. Classical Indian music offers a unique ambience that flourishes in front of live audiences. The conversion to a virtual venue is a temporary solution at best; ultimately, it has proven inadequate.

The future requires us all to step up to this challenge together:

  • Individual donations, charitable contributions and volunteer hours allow us to prove to sponsors that the community values our work.
  • Proof of support enables us to apply for funding from agencies like Alliance for California Traditional Arts, or ACTA, who awarded a grant to Kalashree.  
  • Volunteers also play a critical role in mitigating ever-changing challenges. If you’re able to volunteer, contact
  • Donations were also affected by pandemic-related closures. All charitable contributions made now carry twice the normal impact. Please donate via PayPal ; all donations are tax-deductible.