Our Mission Statement

To advance Hindustani Classical music by educating the community and promoting aspiring musicians. 

How we do it?


Although documentation is available for Indian Classical music, it is theoretical at best. While in other genres, where music is on the notes, Indian music is said to be found in between the swars. Raags have their unique personalities and emotions. These abstract ideas are very difficult to grasp from the documentation that exists today. For example: audio examples are critical in explaining concepts such as  raag chalan, andolan, bhav, etc. Our aim is to make the wealth of knowledge available to all in the form of rich audio/visual documentation that is easier to comprehend. Capturing the essence of Hindustani music using multimedia documentation will improve the learning experience. 

While we have a dream to educate the world we also educate individual students and our local communities. We train students with rigor and passion, enabling them to be musicians or music connoisseurs of the future. In an effort to cultivate and develop the understanding of Hindustani music  in the community we organize concerts, workshops and lecture demonstrations by renowned artists and musicologists. We experiment and collaborate with western musicians to share our music with the world and bring communities together.  

Promoting aspiring musicians

At Kalashree we believe in championing and promoting talented aspiring musicians. We provide a launch pad to young artists by organizing concerts to showcase their talent. In doing so we help keep our rich Hindustani Classical tradition alive.