Kalashree Story

As the founder of Kalashree, Kala Ramnath is pivotal in its creation and vision. In 2006, she decided to combine her love for music with her compassion for children by teaching music to young students, also allowing her to impart her unique style to future generations. One such student was a 6 year old boy, Harindra Rathi.  Kalaji witnessed the talented, energetic, and curious young boy change by the diagnosis of leukemia. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his ailment, but not without impacting the lives of many around him including that of his Guru Kala Ramnath. She was touched by the lives of children undergoing long term treatments. He enabled her to discover, first hand, the inner strength her music provided to children. There was an undeniable potential for music to help more kids in similar circumstances. She asked Annada Rathi (Harindra’s mom) to be a part of this journey and there was no way Annada could refuse. Thus, Kalashree Foundation in the United States was born.

Growing up in India, one is regaled by stories on the healing powers of music. Dating back to the late 16th century, Tansen’s music is said to have created rain by an exact rendition of raag “Megh Malhar” and lit a lamp by resonating the notes of  raag “Deepak”. Raags have meaningful names indicating the mood and energy they can potentially generate. Many cultures attribute similar qualities to music. Kalashree continues to explore this potential to heal through music while educating and providing opportunities to young music enthusiasts and bringing communities together.